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Hackney Downs Studios

Set in an old print works on the park between Dalston and Clapton in the heart of East London, Hackney Downs Studios is home to a diverse community of artists and creative independent businesses.

Providing over 200 creative workspaces for rent ranging from flexible desks within co-working spaces to large-scale workshops, creative offices and art studios, each space is adaptable to foster collaboration and innovation.

Evolving in response to the lives and interests of residents, Hackney Downs Studios is an inspiring working environment complemented by social open spaces, markets, lifestyle and wellbeing provisions.


"The Eat Work Art team are all really supportive and proactive in encouraging connections through resident events such as coffee mornings and speaker events. The types of businesses and individuals working on site all seem to naturally bolster connections and opportunities too."
The Well Garden
"We really love being part of a vibrant and thriving creative community. It is matchless to be part of an environment of like-minded people; it breeds creativity and helps refresh and nourish you with new ideas."
George & Friends
"Our business is thriving, and Hackney Downs Studios has played an important part in that success. It’s really important as an independent business owner to feel part of a community, and Eat Work Art really facilitates that, not only for residents, but for the wider community too."
Damien Cifelli
"I’ve been at Hackney Downs Studios for a few years now and it’s been great. We’ve built a sociable community, all working on different projects and in different industries, but always ready to help each other, give advice or just go to the pub."
Tom Fry
"The light in my studio is incredible, the ceilings are so tall I can finally work at scale I feel more comfortable with and the Hackney Downs Studios team have been exceptional in welcoming me into the complex. I have space to do everything here, from spray-painting work to being behind my computer editing, drawing on my desk or just entertaining collectors or friends who stop by."
Max Radford
"Hackney Downs Studios is so vibrant and busy, you can feel that work is being done and people are enjoying themselves, that really contributes to the feeling of the place for me. All the staff are personable and helpful."