Eat Work Art transforms unique buildings into thriving creative environments that empower and inspire leaders across the creative industries. We value our independence and constantly strive for innovation.

With multiple locations across London and Devon, our workspaces are refined, functional and flexible spaces designed to nurture creativity.

Meet Our Community

Meet Our Community


"Being a part of Netil House has truly been transformative for our business. We love the location, the light that pours in every day and the creative community around us. The vibrant creative community surrounding us is incredibly inspiring. In fact, we're so thrilled with our experience that we recently expanded our presence by leasing a second studio within the building. Collaborating with a fellow resident, we are transforming our new space into a versatile filming and recording studio. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to grow our business within the walls of Netil House."

Meet Our Community

Studio Thomas

"We have been at Hackney Downs for 6-7 years, and it is the tranquil residential atmosphere and strong sense of community that keeps us rooted here. The area offers a perfect blend of productivity and a relaxed environment, allowing for a high quality of life and ample outdoor space. Being part of this creative hub has led to numerous fruitful working relationships. From exciting collaborations with talented artists like Alec Doherty to partnerships like our ongoing projects with Eat Work Art, our time here has been enriched by these connections."

Meet Our Community

The Dream Of

"Having a studio has allowed me so much freedom in how I work! There is no way that I would be where I am now if I was working in another space. It is also such a wonderful area and I love bringing people here. As a practitioner it was incredibly hard to find spaces to work in that aligned with my aesthetic. I knew that I wanted a space which I could have to begin this journey with that was a part of me, and that felt essential. My first studio was very small compared to what I have now, but was absolutely the perfect beginning. I’m so excited to see what this next chapter to my practice brings, the activations and offerings which have already expanded because of the size of the space!

I can’t wait to reopen and I am so grateful for HDS for allowing me to grow my practice within the space. I hope I never leave!"

Meet Our Community

Blue Nude

"I first came to Hackney Downs Studios for a fabric presentation at sustainable fabric supplier ESCE-Tex. There was a fun event going on in the lobby and the studio's atmosphere caught my eye. I viewed quite a few studio spaces in Hackney, and I chose HDS for its artistic energy and communal environment. It feels like a hidden gem in Hackney, and its creative, welcoming, and relaxed energy is a natural extension of the Blue Nude brand."

Meet Our Community


"As a textile designer, natural lighting is vital to my work when choosing materials and combining colours.When I first walked into my studio space, the fantastic wide windows were defining for me to choose Netil as my work place. The 24/7 reception is another essential. It's great for receiving orders at any time and it makes me feel safe during late working hours."

Meet Our Community

Martin Phipps

“Being in a multimedia place with different creatives doing different stuff is so important to me seeing my job is so solitary. The life here is great, it feels much more dynamic and creative compared to other parts of London.”

Meet Our Community


"I love the community aspect of Netil Market, everyone helps each other and supports what you do. I love the fact that I'm in a space where I can find stores offering clothes, accessories, sunglasses, and more that I truly want to purchase! Plus, the food and wine here are absolutely incredible!"

Meet Our Community

Jason Bruges

"It’s nice to have neighbours and a strong support network at Netil House. It’s a relaxed environment with a strong sense of community and most people around us have a creative enterprise which is nice to be a part of."

Meet Our Community

House of Dré

"After the isolation of the pandemic, the studio has been immensely beneficial both socially and for our work. We have started to collaborate with various artists within the studio and hope to continue this on every project we do moving forward. Being in and around other creatives is really inspirational."

Meet Our Community

Vision Factory

"Vision Factory has stayed in Alma Yard as it’s a work place like no other in Plymouth. We wanted a studio space that not only reflects what we do as company within but also to be part of a great creative community."

Meet Our Community

James Edgar Studio

"Alma Yard is a hidden gem and the architects have paid particular attention to the small details and managed to keep its character. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in Plymouth. It is an inspiring place to work in and an impressive place for clients to visit. There is a lovely balance between how original features have been kept and how modern materials have been introduced. The whole yard has a very high spec and the staff are refreshingly responsive and always friendly. Real people, relationships and working together in a physical space are an essential part of how we generate and develop our ideas. Having our own creative environment we all enjoy spending time in brings the best out of all of us."

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