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Eat Work Art transforms spaces into vibrant creative communities

Our spaces are tailored to our residents’ work, needs, and lifestyle whilst maintaining character and authenticity at the heart of the experience. We want our spaces to adapt and evolve with the people within them.

Flexible workspace for creative use is complemented by on-site offerings from wellness and markets, to curated stores, galleries, rooftop bars, florists and cafes.



24/7 access and CCTV
Front of House Service
Post holding and collection
Communal spaces
Resident social and support events
On-site cafes, restaurants, wellness and retail
High-speed internet available
Night security concierge
Maintenance and cleaning
Recycling and waste collection
Private kitchens and entrances available
Comprehensive Covid-19 safety measures
Jason Bruges
"It’s nice to have neighbours and a strong support network at Netil House. It’s a relaxed environment with a strong sense of community and most people around us have a creative enterprise which is nice to be a part of."
House of Dré
"After the isolation of the pandemic, the studio has been immensely beneficial both socially and for our work. We have started to collaborate with various artists within the studio and hope to continue this on every project we do moving forward. Being in and around other creatives is really inspirational."
Damien Cifelli
"I’ve been at Hackney Downs Studios for a few years now and it’s been great. We’ve built a sociable community, all working on different projects and in different industries, but always ready to help each other, give advice or just go to the pub."
Martin Phipps
“Being in a multimedia place with different creatives doing different stuff is so important to me seeing my job is so solitary. The life here is great, it feels much more dynamic and creative compared to other parts of London.”
Brother LDN
"Why did I choose Netil Market? You just wouldn’t find this kind of community, cool brands and genuinely top notch food offering anywhere else in London – or let’s face it, the world."
"The Eat Work Art team are all really supportive and proactive in encouraging connections through resident events such as coffee mornings and speaker events. The types of businesses and individuals working on site all seem to naturally bolster connections and opportunities too."
The Well Garden
"We really love being part of a vibrant and thriving creative community. It is matchless to be part of an environment of like-minded people; it breeds creativity and helps refresh and nourish you with new ideas."
Max Radford
"Hackney Downs Studios is so vibrant and busy, you can feel that work is being done and people are enjoying themselves, that really contributes to the feeling of the place for me. All the staff are personable and helpful."
Dan Bullock
"The first day I put paint to canvas in my new space at Alma Yard was absolutely magical. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way before and I’m not sure how to explain it. The studio is phenomenal, the light is perfect, the people are amazing, and it’s only going to keep getting better and better as the site develops and grows.”
George & Friends
"Our business is thriving, and Hackney Downs Studios has played an important part in that success. It’s really important as an independent business owner to feel part of a community, and Eat Work Art really facilitates that, not only for residents, but for the wider community too."
Old Paradise Audio
"Having a dedicated space to experiment, figure things out and make lots of mistakes all on my own time has been invaluable. Having a studio in as vibrant and distinctive a location as Old Paradise Yard has been particularly important for collaboration ensuring sessions are both relaxed and memorable, particularly in the summer when we've cracked the barbecue out!"