Our Curation Process

Our Resident Curation process is fundamental in shaping the unique and vibrant community at Eat Work Art. By carefully curating residents who embody our core values and meet our principles of creativity, potential, collaboration, and diversity we ensure that our spaces not only foster innovation and individual expression but also cultivate sustainable, collaborative and holistic workspace environments. 

These principles guide our approach to curation, enabling us to maintain a high calibre of creative professionals who are not just tenants but active, contributing members of our dynamic community. 

1. Creativity

Creativity is the cornerstone of the Eat Work Art community, distinguishing our spaces as a hub for innovative and forward-thinking creatives, with each resident pushing the boundaries of conventional creativity through their respective practices. By prioritising creativity, we uphold a standard of excellence and inspiration within our community, making it a space for exploration and growth.

2. Potential

The Potential principle is essential for fostering a thriving, long-lasting community. By evaluating the potential growth and sustainability of each resident's practice, we ensure that our community not only thrives in the present but is poised for future success. This forward-looking approach helps maintain a vibrant community that continues to attract high-calibre talent and encourages ongoing development and achievement.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration is crucial for building a cohesive and collaborative community at Eat Work Art. This principle ensures that residents are not only physically co-located but are also actively engaging with one another, sharing ideas, and contributing to communal projects. By prioritising collaboration, we foster a supportive network of creatives who benefit from mutual inspiration and integration, enhancing the social dynamics of the community.

4. Diversity

Diversity as a principle reinforces our commitment to creating a workspace that is not only creatively diverse but also inclusive and representative of a wide array of voices and perspectives. This diversity enhances collaborative opportunities, drives innovation, and builds a more dynamic and supportive community.

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