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Why you should consider a space with skylights

Skylights have been used by architects through the ages to make the best use of daylight all year round. Skylights can change the entire space, flooding it with natural light and ventilation to promote productivity and improve mood.

  1. Natural Lighting

The main reason skylights are introduced to a space is to add daylight into a room, particularly during the winter months when days are shorter and there are fewer hours of daylight.

  1. Design Impact

Skylights can dramatically enhance a space and often acts as a main design feature or focal point of the room. They can create a sense of drama and upward ascension that appeals to designers.

  1. Health Benefits

A skylight will provide you with enough natural light during the day to give us energy and increase our levels of Vitamin D intake. From assisting in the regulation of sleep cycles to boosting the immune system, roof lights can improve the health of you and your colleagues who make use of your space.

  1. Privacy

You don’t have to compromise light with privacy. If you don’t like being distracted but want to ensure your space receives plenty of light, a skylight can solve that.

  1. Energy efficiency

With more daylight entering the space, the use of artificial lighting and electricity can be reduced. During the colder months, skylights can contribute to the heat gain of a space and reduce the need for heating.

  1. Value for money

Desirable workspaces with large forward facing windows and lots of natural light often comes at a price. You can achieve a light-filled space without compromising on the cost.

  1. Appearance

The skylight introduces dispersed light, which enters the room at all angles and eliminates shadows, making the space appear bigger.

  1. Happiness

Skylights often expose you to the sky itself, which can really beat those blues. Seeing the light all year long can help those experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder. An ordinary window may not give an exposed view of the sun, so with a skylight even the grayest of skies cannot keep your house dark for long.

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