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'A Kiss, Deferred' for New York Times by Moth Collective

The Moth Collective team have never been ones to take their foot off the gas. Last year, we sat down them to do a little spotlight exploring their work with WWF, Global Canopy Programme and their then recent ADCYoungGuns awards win.

Now based in a new space at Netil House, Moth have already produced outstanding work from their new hub. Last week, ’A Kiss, Deferred' for The New York Times' Modern Love column (based on a true story written by Nikolina Kulidžan) was released in animated form designed and directed by the guys themselves.

The short follows a 12-year-old girl as her life and love are shattered by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A genuine love story, the kind we hear so rarely these days with social media taking over our lives and traditional tales becoming forgotten relics...

The conclusion of the piece is a real tear jerker, we won’t give anything away, just watch below.

Once again, big love to the Moth Collective team.

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