Christmas Countdown #5 Resident Spotlight: Moth Collective

Continuing our Christmas Countdown in December we start with a resident spotlight of a group of Netil House creatives called Moth Collective.

The film you crafted that was commissioned by the Global Canopy Programme about the environment was very impactful. How did you approach the work and what inspired the direction you took?

Well the film was aimed at both Latin American politicians and the general public, so instead of an info-graphics film the GCP really wanted to create something with a narrative approach. This definitely drove the direction we went in and gave us a lot to play with.
It also needed to feel positive and bright to draw attention to the colour and beauty of the rainforest, whilst avoiding depicting the more industrial or urban scenes as grey and lifeless. It needed to be all feel vibrant and part of the same world we were creating.

You won an ADCYoungGuns award this year, how important are awards such as this to your business?

Winning the ADC award was a certainly a positive way to kick start our new studio here at Netil House. We took a trip to New York to receive it and meet fellow winners, members of ADC and some of our current clients and potential collaborators. So awards can get you into real contact with people you might not otherwise and that’s always important!

Your feature documentary Maidentrip explores the extraordinary life of Laura Dekker and her quest to be the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. Has working on this project inspired any of the team to try some similarly extraordinary adventures?

Oh dear… Definitely craving an escape to nature after spending too much time in the dark and in front of screens! We each have some adventures that we want to take one day (hiking the PCT and the Nepalese mountains), but for now we will be content with a upcoming trip to a small cottage in Camber Sands on the South Coast!

Working with the WWF on the campaign aimed at tackling over-fishing is again a very heavy piece of subject matter. Is your team naturally drawn to working on projects that highlight larger issues in our society?

We never intentionally set out to look for work of an environmental nature, though it seems that there is something about our work that attracts these projects. Needless to say, it gives us great pleasure to be able to produce something that could help make a difference somehow. Probably our proudest moment to date was rejecting a project for a large oil company, so we are making a stand in a small way!

What is your fondest studio memory while working at Netil House?

We moved in around July 2014, which was a great time to enjoy the terrace and the open spaces after work and during the weekends. A glass of Bourbon on the terrace is a pretty sweet way to end the week… Our other fond memories pretty much all revolve around Lamin’s Jerk chicken (The Gamby Shack) and Adam’s ales (Plato) at Netil Market

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