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The Dream Of: When creatives outgrow their studio

Providing a sanctuary for self-exploration within the walls of Hackney Downs Studios, The Dream Of's meteoric rise in the last year is only continuing. By focusing on genuine connection, founder Vickie Biggs has got big plans for the business that's taking the intuitive healing world by storm.

Catching up with Vickie in her new, more expansive studio, we asked about the growth of her brand since moving into Hackney Downs, and where she's going from here.

From growing your client base and building brand loyalty, to now having upsized — what was the catalyst for your growth?

I am so unbelievably grateful for my expansion, I honestly pinch myself every day that this is my job. The only reason that I get to expand is because of my clients, they are everything.

The past year for me here at Hackney Downs Studios has been such a whirlwind, as soon as I decided to take on my own space and launch The Dream Of, everything changed.

I think that the catalyst has been providing a really approachable yet deep and meaningful way to experience energy work. I feel that I facilitate an experience which allows my clients to really release and become in tune with themselves, in a setting and environment that is considered and open.

Sometimes energy work, Reiki, even body work can feel quite intimidating, so I try and make it as inviting as possible, with no judgement or hierarchy between me and whoever I am treating. I think that is what has been so beautiful, that people feel so comfortable to try this type of work who maybe wouldn’t typically venture into it. 

I was also always really adamant that I wanted to create a brand, not centre this work around me. I think that with a brand you have far more opportunity to story tell, to create another universe and I actually think that people relate to or want that more than just seeing an individual. With a brand, this universe I’m creating, anyone can be part of it, and what I’ve seen is that people really do want to be part of what I am creating (thank god!) and it’s so so incredible. 

How has having a larger studio at HDS enabled you to grow?

Having a studio has allowed me so much freedom in how I work! There is no way that I would be where I am now if I was working in another space.

It is also such a wonderful area and I love bringing people here. As a practitioner it was incredibly hard to find spaces to work in that aligned with my aesthetic. I knew that I wanted a space which I could have to begin this journey with that was a part of me, and that felt essential. My first studio was very small compared to what I have now, but was absolutely the perfect beginning. 

I’m so excited to see what this next chapter to my practice brings, the activations and offerings which have already expanded because of the size of the space!

I can’t wait to reopen and I am so grateful for HDS for allowing me to grow my practice within the space. I hope I never leave!

Book into The Dream Of here, and keep up with the brand's journey on Instagram.

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