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How to start your year right, with Vickie Biggs from The Dream Of

As the new year begins and messages of newness and rejuvenation appear everywhere, we often underestimate the trials of January amid darkness and dropping temperatures. Discover strategies for navigating post-Christmas wellbeing with Vickie Biggs, Founder of Hackney Downs Studios' intuitive healing corner The Dream Of.

January can be a tough month, would you recommend any ways to stay connected to yourself and manage your wellbeing post-Christmas?

January is a very tough month for many, especially after the over socialising and often quite intense festive celebrations are over. We are still in the depths of winter and darkness, our bodies and minds should and will still be moving slowly. I always recommend to start the new year gently, go slowly and listen to what your body needs. This is still a time that you should be taking care of yourself and it makes sense if you don’t feel raring to go. 

I like to set achievable and gentle goals, such as re-committing to my meditation practice, or focussing on gentler exercises such as yoga that help me reconnect to my body. 

I also don’t beat myself up if I don’t do something perfectly - wellbeing practices should be kind and not a way to punish yourself!

Another thing I always recommend is to get a body work or energy session booked in, a lot of us are stretched over the festive period so taking that time to tend to yourself and fill your cup up is so necessary. 

What's helped you reset?

I try and approach my life a day at a time, so each day feels like a reset for me. Sometimes if I have a really busy period, I’ll ensure that when I have my downtime I am really tuning into my bodies needs, nourishing myself in all aspects. Taking the time to deeply listen to what I need (which looks different each day) is the quickest way to recalibrate, but sadly a practice that people don’t think they have the time for. When you take that time, to stop, be still, tune in to your energetic centre - that’s when the real reset happens. 

The Dream Of is Hackney's most tranquil spot for massage and healing therapies. How would you approach a journey into reiki and/or aromatherapy?

I always say if you have the calling for it then listen to that and try it out! There’s right or wrong time to start, it’s when your gut says yes.

Reiki is amazing, I love how surprised people are when they experience it for the first time and realise how powerful it is. I also love combining it with other modalities such as body work and aromatherapy, which both add in their own healing qualities.


The Dream Of

The Dream Of is one of Hackney Downs Studios' wellness corners, specialising in intuitive healing. Utilising modalities such as reiki, aromatherapy, and massage, Vickie Biggs has created a space for deep connection and tender release.

Vickie draws from her own profound healing journey, making it the foundation upon which she continually builds, delving deeper into the experience of living a fully present and embodied life.

Her offerings aim to support individuals in their healing and wellbeing, fostering a deeper connection to the body and energetic centre. Vickie's overarching goal is to guide clients towards their truest selves, removing energetic blocks, alleviating bodily tension, and facilitating a journey into stillness—ultimately connecting to the gut and intuition.

Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual's needs, ensuring a personalised experience. Book in here.

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