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Behind the Scenes Video at East London's creative community

A sneak peek behind the scenes video at Hackney Downs Studios, meet a handful of those who call it home. Directed by Aoise Tutty, shot during Open Studios June 2015.

Every year, we celebrate our community with open evenings drawing crowds to the eclectic labyrinth of people, enterprise and studios. We asked Heartspace resident Aoise Tutty to shoot a little ode to Hackney Downs Studios at the event this summer. Impossible to capture everything, Aoise honed in on a handful of individuals and enterprises, from props to bicycles, jewellery to illustration as well as a sense of the spirit of the place.

In this film I tried to capture the essence of what the residents do and introduce a ‘feel’ for what that creative process is like for them. I also wanted to give a glimpse into their personalities and an idea of what it is like to be part of Hackney Downs Studios, which is something I feel a sense of connection and pride with.

Aoise Tutty - Director / Filmmaker

OPEN STUDIOS 2015 | Hackney Downs Studios | Eat Work Art from EatWorkArt on Vimeo.

Making this film was as much an exploration for me into what happens behind all the closed doors and archways I pass every day as it will be for the viewers and also for everyone who attends one of Hackney Downs Studio’s Open Studios. I knew that the level of what was produced was high but I was honestly overwhelmed with the creativity that goes on in this community I have been part of all year.

Check out more from Aoise Tutty at her website 92circles.com

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