Aoise Tutty

What inspires you day to day?
I most often get inspired by the simple things in life. Beautiful sunlight streaming through a window in the mornings, a warm smile exchanged between strangers, eating colourful, delicious food cooked with passion and love and the warmth and generosity of the people I meet on a daily basis. 

Best project/collaboration
I'm currently working on developing two ideas for drama features/shorts with two separate writers. Both are new collaborations but when I met the writers I instantly felt a sense of connection and enthusiasm which is helping to drive the projects forward, and I'm really excited about the direction they are taking. As a filmmaker it can often be very difficult to motivate yourself to work on the projects you most want to make so collaborating with the right people makes all the difference. 

What's the best thing about the Heartspace?
I've already met so many wonderful, likeminded people here and I'm certain that this will lead to new friendships and collaborations which I'd never have been able to pursue had I continued working from home. When I first came to Heartspace I felt inspired by the many different projects and artwork that the residents are in the process of working on, and I continue to feel inspired every time I come into the studio which is an amazing thing.

Can you tell us the story of the camera you're holding in your picture?
I bought this camera for £1 in Wimbledon Car Boot Sale, and it was only when I brought it home that I realised there was already half a role of exposed film in there. At special moments over the past few months I've been taking pictures with it and I'm very excited to get the film developed. The story of this camera, the life it had before it reached me, and the clashing of old and new are some of the reasons I love making films so I felt it was the best object I could bring that helped to further describe who I am and why I do what I do.