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What makes a modern workplace?

With the 1 year anniversary of the new WFH lifestyle just around the corner, many individuals and businesses alike have reached WFH fatigue. We may however no longer require the traditional ‘office’ in its known form. Instead it’s been replaced by its modern counterpart, a place where a balance between work, community and a sense of escape and inspiration can be found: the flexible workspace.

Although flexible workspace has became known as co-working, there’s much more to it than just shared space. These new ready-to-go workspaces can quickly be tailored to the businesses that inhabit them, offering opportunities to network, shared communal spaces and front of house services that pave the way for modern business needs.

The modern office is forever changing shape to cater to the needs of the people who use them. As observed by WIRED before the pandemic, in the future of workspaces: “The buildings and workplaces where we spend our days can transform our personal and professional life, often dramatically. The best spaces have the power to open our minds and connect us with others.” Workspace design has developed even further to abide by covid workplace guidelines and offer a safe place to work away from home.

We asked the Eat Work Art community what a modern day workspace meant to them and more specifically, what makes the difference between having a meaningful place to work from and feeling like you’d rather stay at home. These are their responses.


Whilst remote working technologies are constantly improving, nothing can replace the benefit of bringing people together in the right environment to inspire innovation and build a sense of purpose. Creative enthusiasm is contagious and feeling that within a community of like-minded people can help drive enthusiasm for your own projects. Eat Work Art’s Resident Curator, Mel Ruben notes:

We are noticing a demand in the need for a central place for work away from the home environment (when safe to do so). With teams working together remotely, the need for a physical space has become most important to connect people and act as a hub for ideas. We are humans after all and bounce off each other’s energy."

Old Paradise Yard

Capacity to evolve

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workspace and the need to evolve and adapt is ever-true in a world where businesses are frequently changing. Flexibility to shrink and grow the amount of office space you’ve signed up for can offer peace of mind and reassurance in facing business growth and challenges, especially for startups and pivoters. Flexible workspace providers can also offer the opportunity to move to a different space during a lease term.

Timothy Turner-Sutton from Wolf & Badger Studios noticed the growth of his company happen quite quickly after moving in and had to move studios twice in less than 2 years: “It (Netil House) offers us the flexibility and space we need to run our business and evolve, and grows with us by providing a range of different sized studio spaces that work with our service offer…It’s kind of like Lego where you can build it how you need


Modern workspaces must cater for a post-pandemic world. With the significant possibility that social distancing guidelines will remain in the long-term, workspaces may not be able to facilitate the same number of employees as they used to. This might mean a rota system or more flexible means of working.

Resident Maz Mahmoudi and workspace Interior Designer comments: “Offering flexi-hours has worked really well for us - working from home can be stifling and some may not have the equipment they need to meet their full potential (not to mention expensive to provide). Being around people can be uplifting, inspiring and is important for wellbeing in general. It helps that EWA sites are open 24/7!”

Old Paradise

Ease and wellbeing

Now more than ever, employee wellbeing has become a core responsibility of employers. On-site facilities are a large facet of this: with facilities such as wellness centres, great spots to eat and places to exercise, influencing productivity and satisfaction. Businesses of all sizes have also noticed the benefit and cost-effectiveness of serviced offices (postal services) to save on time and cost of doing it themselves!

Grazia Gatti from the community wellness centre at Hackney Downs Studios: ‘I’ve worked here since 2014, I was looking for something special and The Well Garden really is such a unique place for community wellness. It's great to see the impact wellness can have on the residents and how much people enjoy using it as a respite between working hours.’

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