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Oli Baba's

Oli Baba’s is a Levantine street kitchen and launched in 2014 after Oli spent 4 months living, working and eating in the Middle East. He visited Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt, eating the best falafel, hummus and sabich in the world, and wanted to bring some of this excitement and authenticity to the streets of London.

Oli Baba is the original creator of the infamous halloumi fries. Starting off in Camden Market in 2016, they went viral on the same year with their 'Culture Trip Halloumi Fries' video, scoring 20million views overnight.

Oli Baba opened their second unit at Netil Market in Autumn 2018, focussing on small, locally sourced, Middle Eastern inspired brunch plates, alongside ever-changing bar snacks, cocktails and soft drinks. 

Think hummus bowls, baba's beans and 63 degree eggs, latke, dehydrated chickpea wafers, pomegranate sodas, baba's white russian, and of course, halloumi fries.

Oli of Oli Baba's
Oli Baba's halloumi fries
Oli Baba's halloumi fries