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International Women's Day at Netil Market on 8th March

This International's Women's Day, Netil Market & Netil Radio is celebrating the diversity, creativity and determination of the entrepreneurial women & non-binary individuals that make up the majority of our residents, stalls traders and DJs.

Expect music from Netil Radio DJs, vegan friendly street food, sustainable cocktails, craft beer, speciality coffee, short films, coaching sessions and fireside chats.

Netil Market resident Outdoor People will be hosting 'Outdoor Women' and screening adventure short-films alongside hour coaching slots to advise outdoor guests on gear they need for big adventures. The Founder Cath will be hosting an exclusive fireside chat about what is really needed on an adventure, alongside inspirational tales.

Screenings: 2pm-5pm

Fireside chat: 4pm-5pm

Film screenings are as follows:

  • Operation Moffatt. Film by Jen Randall
  • If I can, Anoushé Husain. Film by Peter Peter Cadman and Liam White
  • Par for the Course. Film by Kody Kohlman
  • Three Women and the Three Old Men. Film by Sandro Gromen Hayes
  • Wild Swim. Film by Amy Walker, Kate Drucquer and Whitney Black

International Women's Day at Netil Market

Netil Radio line-up:

9am-12pm: Morning Transition w/ Maybe Laura

12pm-2pm: Hackney Dub Club w/ Zoë Lucky Cat & Rasta Queen

2pm-6pm: E2-E8 w/ Athene & Valentina Magaletti

6pm-8pm: Amy Alford w/ Annie Errez

8pm-10pm: Magical Real w/ Jaye Ward

10pm-12am: Seven Hills Records





Loel & Co

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MW Makes


Outdoor People

Radical Teatowels

Tamakurya Boutique

We Are Arrow

Woodle Books

Worshipful Shop of Spectacles

Food & Drink:

The Bagel Guys


Discarded Spirits

Kill the Cat


Oli Baba’s

Paradox Design & Coffee


Pollo Feliz

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