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Boris Pramatarov Private View at FAWW Gallery

FAWW Gallery presents 'Fractals', an exhibition by Brussels-based Bulgarian artist Boris Pramatarov. Scenes of cascading action meet hyper-detailed patterning in Pramatatorv's work and render subtle shifts between figure and ground, forcing the eye to adjust as it moves around imagery existing on multiple planes. In this show, the effect of the artist's work is likened to that of fractals, wherein impressive patterns are found to recur at progressively small scales, as can be found in the organic process of crystal growth.

The exhibition, comprising of original pieces by the artist and his father, as well as limited edition prints, will be on show at Netil House (Studio 109) from 8th-24th April, with a private viewing on the 7th April.

Through the opening, Pramatarov will also be giving small-scale hand-poked tattoos from flash featuring motifs from his work, with all proceeds going towards Ukrainian crisis relief.

RSVP to to join the opening night.

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