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Resident Spotlight with Olivia Crighton from Glasshouse Salon

Resident haircare gurus Glasshouse Salon have been making our entire community beautiful for awhile now, so what better way to get to know all about their work than a good ol' fashioned sit down...

What do you feel you do better than any other salon in London?

OC: We put hair condition first and foremost, all our products including colours contain maximum amount of organic ingredients and minimum of chemicals. We work on repairing the hair for the best possible colour, cut and styling results, both in the salon and for long term maintenance at home.

We also have our own online Journal, where we compile interesting stories on anything from hair and beauty trends, to local loves to interviews with some of our local muses. Click here to check it out yourself - www.glasshousejournal.co.uk

What are your plans for Glasshouse Salon in 2015?

OC: Many exciting projects! Nails on Saturdays with expert session manicurists and 5 free polishes, new beauty products and ranges, an online shop so clients can get hold of product between visits. And, we love collaborating on shoots and projects, so there will be plenty more of that!

Glasshouse Salon is renowned for organic products, healthy hair and exceptional attention to detail. What do you feel is the most important element for a person coming in to get their hair done?

OC: Exactly that. We consider condition first and foremost, there's no point achieving your most desired shade or cut if the condition is completely compromised. We work hard to listen to clients needs, and try to be honest about what is realistic and achievable.

Do you have a favourite customer?

OC: You might think from our Instagram we only do bright blondes, pastels and fashion shades. But to us it's all about achieving something that lines up with how our clients express themselves, that could be a simple root tint, or it could be a crazy fashion shade. It's about listening to their needs and using our ideas and expertise to fulfil it. No we don't have a favourite client, we get satisfaction from making people happy.

If you could dye any person in the worlds hair, who would it be?

OC: Oh so many. I'd like to colour Debbie Harry (Blondie) white blonde again. But this time it would be in the best possible condition due to our Organic Colour Systems lightening and wheat and quinoa treatments.

What is the one product use regular in the salon, that people should see as a must in their haircare routine?

OC: We are all about the condition of the hair, so when it comes to home use we are big advocates for using the right shampoos, treatments and conditioners. We do a 'wet stretch test' to determine what the hair needs most. All our shampoos are sulphate and sodium chloride free meaning the hair, scalp and colour are not compromised.

Our two most popular styling products (among stylists and clients) are the argon oil gloss serum, and texture. Both are light weight and free of the usual plastics and nasties, this helps to minimise build up.

What is the experience of having your salon inside Netil House?

OC: It's a sense of community. We're surrounded by like minded individuals and it's great for networking. We can't wait for the Netil360 roof terrace to open this summer.

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