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Eat Work Art SPOTLIGHT: Kate Dawkins Studio

Kate Dawkins Studio is a BAFTA winning, multidisciplinary creative studio specialising in designing and producing bespoke digital content for live performances, shows and brand experiences.

Creating compelling narratives through visual arts is what underpins all of Kate Dawkins Studio’s projects, as recognised by the extensive list of high calibre brands and artists they’ve worked with over the years.

We caught up with the Kate Dawkins team, based at Netil House, to hear more about the studio's roots and favourite projects to date.

Kate Dawkins Studio

Could you tell us a bit about Kate Dawkins Studio?

KDS is a BAFTA winning multidisciplinary studio, creating narratives through visual art. Combining visuals, storytelling, physical space and appropriate technology to deliver compelling, inspiring and entertaining ceremonies, events, experiences and installations.

As leaders in our craft we blend insight, design and methodologies, evolved from extensive experience, to connect with audiences. Our mission is to tell the most compelling and significant stories, creating impactful moments and memories that live on forever.

How did it come about?

Having studied graphic design and communication design in 2004 Kate headed up a team to deliver all the visuals for Elton John’s Red Piano residency in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. As her first foray into live visuals she was hooked …

The studio was started in 2015 and came about as requests grew in scale to not just undertake the design but to include production and delivery of projects.

KDS studio

Any projects you're particularly proud of?

As a studio one of our proudest moments to date and the project that put us on the map is World War One Remembered: Passchendaele. 8 companies tendered for this iconic national event and when we won it was our first building projection.

The story of this horrific and infamous battle was told throughout the evening in a spectacular multi-media show of projection, live theatrical and musical performances. One of our main roles was to visually tell these sensitive stories, and set the right tone, as well as communicate this important history to a younger audience. The outcome was spectacularly received by clients, audiences and peers alike, winning many prestigious awards including Bafta.

Another very special project to us was ‘Invisible Threads Part 1’ which started as a personal film and installation project with friend/photographer/Director Rick Guest. The film explores the conflicting emotions of desire and fear, the subconscious need to be heard and the quest for self-expression.

Featuring former Studio Wayne McGregor dancer James Pett and music by Mura Masa it poignantly mirrors, through the medium of dance and visual art, the turbulent impact of enforced isolation on the creative mind and spirit. It was picked up by One Dance UK’s Healthier Dance Programme campaign ahead of World Mental Health Day, exploring and artistically interpreting the themes and issues male dancers face.

KDS studio 2

Anything we can look out for?

Having undertaken a lot of work around the KDS brand and direction for the studio, as well as having grown the team, we are in an exciting position to be working on some incredibly special projects that are close to our hearts and mission. Our dance card is full of projects with a focus on performing arts, installation and maintain our strong connection to culture and heritage - 2023 is going to be an exciting year.

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