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Barber's Gym

A stylish exterior and a sleek aesthetic. A climbing wall and an ice bath from repurposed wheelie bin. A photogenic pug named Reggie.

All this and more can be found at community minded Barber's Gym, providing personal training or group programmes and climbing.

Their philosophy is functional fitness with a focus on real work capacity, strength and power, cardiovascular endurance and stamina, flexibility, speed and agility, coordination, balance and accuracy. General physical skills, that improve your performance as an individual.

Named one of the 'Best Gyms in The World' by Men's Health, Barber's Gym is a friendly community of locals training towards strength and conditioning. They provide weekly group and individual training and favour a more functional style of fitness that caters to women, men, athletes and newcomers.

Darren Barber
Barber's Gym
Barber's Gym feature in Men's Health