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A series of showcase events where for one evening, emerging visual and Hip-Hop artists meet in a gallery space curated by Marina Antonova..

Whilst retaining its original raw talent showcase concept, Rap‐Art is keen to push further towards its other vital goal of encouraging diversity and inclusion equally within the ‘high’ art and urban worlds. It is presented as a collision, a ‘get‐together’ of art mediums including guests of mixed backgrounds & interests, unburdened with a congruent match of either.

On Friday 17th July, the gallery plays host to four Hip‐Hop acts from across London and is proud to become an intimate stage for PBGR, Jevon Official, Reps Reppatwa and Camzino on this summer night. Rap‐Art sees their gentler, more peaceful beats & imaginative lyrics as a continuous way of removing the stigma attached to the musical genre whilst working against its marginalisation. Hip-Hop’s deliberate placement in a gallery space is another attempt at drawing a bolder connection between the musical genre and art in its broader, more traditional sense.

Visual artist Ermina Takenova, is an MA Royal College of Art animation student, whose works are fun yet somewhat unsettling in nature: illustrations of lullabies told by wolves foster a feeling of the frightened inner child. A second-generation artist, she draws inspiration from animals & mythology creating surreal illustrations of playful, humorous and bizarre situations.

As always, Rap-Art is a free event and provides its guests with an intimate place & time where friends and strangers meet and become exposed to the two contrasting cultures – ‘high’ art visuals and urban sounds. With an artist from the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, a Russian curator and, of course, British musicians, Rap-Art is keen to welcome and embrace backgrounds, races, ages, sexes, interests and open minds.

Public View: Friday 17th July 2015, 7–10pm

Show Dates: 16 July 2015 – 20 July 2015

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