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The Radford Gallery Presents UNCOMMON FOUND

The Radford Gallery was established in 2020 with the goal of creating a London based platform for makers/designers/artists working within the intersections of these practices.

They saw a lack of space for creatives whose work crosses between the boundaries of traditional practices in London and decided to create this ourselves.

The foundation of the gallery is physical events showcasing the diverse talent London and further a field has to offer.

UNCOMMON FOUND 2021 is the first of these Shows

We are excited to be showing:

  • EJR Barnes
  • Amy Johnston
  • Carsten In Der Elst
  • Jaclyn Pappalardo
  • Eddie Olin
  • Amelia Stevens
  • Lewis Kemmenoe
  • Matthew Verdon
  • John Henshaw
  • Meryl Yana
  • Nicholas Sanderson
  • Tessa Silva
  • Ben Dawson
  • Rashmi Bidasaria
  • Eduard Barniol
  • Katy Brett
  • Samuel Collins
  • Jean Baptiste- Colomb
  • Isabel Alonso

The exhibition is held at:


For any information please email

For assistance in entry please call 07837602331

Hours are:

29/30/31 11:00-19:00

1/2/3/4/ 13:00 - 19:00

5/6 11:00- 19:00

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