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Public Gallery presents 'Realms of the (un)real' by Emma Fineman

Public Gallery presents 'Realms of the (un)real', a solo exhibition of new works by Emma Fineman. The works featured in the exhibition explore various realms of ontological space, be they physical, remembered, eternal, dream-like or fetishistic; all existing within a world void of temporal constraints.

The exhibition opens on the 6th of March at 6.30pm and runs until 30th March.

Belonging to a realm unto themselves, Fineman’s paintings become a space to contemplate and to reflect. Her internal desires are played out in a series of expressive and gestural marks that sit somewhere between drawing and painting; somewhere between the quick note to jot down an idea, and a more prolonged meditation on the parts of daily life that for some unknowable reason affix themselves to back of one’s mind and kick about with an unnerving permanence.

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