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POWER: Consumerism and the Culture of Excess

Don't miss this exhibition, curated by Hackney Downs resident Tim Gomersall, and featuring many studiomates, it's a provocative commentary on our current culture of consumption. The Public View is on Thursday 1st September from 6.30-9.30pm, and the show runs until the 6th.

Here's what Tim has to say:

In the mid 80’s people believed in the future. In many ways, the 80’s were the future and we have been in a decline of postmodern apathy ever since. The belief in wealth & power as a fast track to happiness led to excess, greed, and inevitable disappointment. Before the dawn of the decline of western civilisation, there was a dream. And that dream was electric pink, battery powered, and smelt of greasy biceps.

With the advent of the Internet, social media and consumable technology, that dream has been shattered by the ever more apparent truth behind the opulent lives that we lead. The carefree consumerist society we have wallowed in has been shadowed by the undeniable imagery of slave labour, collapsed sweatshops and exhausted resources that fuel our ever-increasing material hunger.

POWER features a collection of artists who are exploring the culture of excess and how it has evolved since the earliest days of consumerism.

The Actorvists, Adam Bartlett, Personality Crisis, Jim Demuth, Toby Evans, Asakala Geraghty, Tim Gomersall,

Colin Gordon, Nick Gripton, Nicos Livesey, Stephen Maskell, Alex de Mora, Archie Proudfoot,

Marc Sethi, Paul Sethi, Natalia Stuyk, Marvin Watkins, Dan Wilton + more to be announced

The opening at the gallery will continue in style with a special after party at the Hand of Glory pub hosted by the Mondo Ipnotico crew.

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