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Out of Africa Rhythm Club

Using the magical backdrop of the African Safari and its fabulous Big 5, Out of Africa Rhythm club bring dynamic and fun classes to The Russet every Wednesday afternoon.

At Out of Africa they aim to help little ones develop their senses, movement and yearning of learning through music, movement, imagination play and story telling. They use quirky props and a blend of both modern and traditional African instruments, and include lots of singing and dance – Out of Africa style! To top off the kaleidoscope of adventure, we gather around the fire for story telling with a twist, just like back in the olden days.

Using the safari backdrop they transport the children to the adventures of the wild life and their stories and life lessons from their wild life. With a touch of african drums and instruments to bring the stories to life. There is singing and during the session. As well as some new dance all the way from the Zulu Kingdom.

The team members have a range of experience from dance to music and performing in the theatre. Collectively they have over 16 years of experience working with children and enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills with the London community.

The class is on a Wednesday afternoon from 1.30-2.45pm.

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