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Disco Barre at Barber's Gym

With January nearly in the can, that shouldn't mean your New Year's fitness goals go out the window.

Disco Barre is a ballet barre based work out at Barber's Gym that will totally transform your body and change the way you think about exercise.

All set to a personal soundtrack of underground disco and house favourites from fitness and boogie connoisseur, Sophie Ritchie - Disco Barre is a class devised to banish the boredom of the gym and make you feel more a slave to the rhythm than the treadmill. Classes take place in unique spaces and are done by the light of a Disco Ball. Close your eyes and you could be in Studio 54 or the Paradise Garage.

Sophie is a Level 3 Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer with a strong dance background and completed the gruelling Barreworks training programme with the ubertalented Vicki Anstey of Barreworks, Richmond in July 2013 and still teaches at the studio (always in the best Barre studio lists). Vicki trained in the Lotte Berk method and New York City Ballet work out, both of which Sophie has practised since her teens.

Disco Barre combines all these techniques with core work, strength training, isometric holds and small but intense and sexy, choreographed moves that help you to achieve a sculpted, lean but strong body - fast.

Work that body, feel the burn and get down to the music. No dance experience necessary.


Stop by Barber's Gym on Wednesday lunch at 12 and Friday at 7pm for Disco Barre....

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