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Video Case Studies of Hackney Businesses

Louise talks about taking abandoned space and turning it into communities with markets, services and independent shop fronts, and how Hackney's blooming creative economy enables us to match local young people with inspiring mentors.

Arthur Le Fol created this film series in collaboration with Sophie Higgins from Hackney Council.

Arthur told us about his journey into Hackney and connecting with the local community

I haven’t been working in Hackney very long and I definitely missed the sense of belonging you get by simply knowing local shop owners. By doing this project I have been able to develop relationships with so many of them like Raw Duck, Gujarati, Tonkotsu, Boot Strap, Number 90 and Eat Work Art obviously, which are all incredible people doing incredible work with always a very down to earth approach. I have also started volunteering at the Hackney Pirates and am in close contact with Dominic Ellison from Hackney Coop to develop that work through the community.

This project has really made me realise the importance of the locals within my life and allowed me to develop that in professional terms. What more could you ask?!

Get to know an array of local Hackney businesses via the full playlist.

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