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Summer Sessions at Barber's Gym

"Spring is coming, get your ass in the gym!" - a simple message and rude awakening on the chalkboard by Barber's Gym which we pass every day heading into the studios. It's the first day of the summer and time to take action...

Barber's Gym is our resident spot to increase your strength, conditioning and cardiovascular fitness. The philosophy is functional fitness and not just the appearance of it. Real work capacity, strength & power, cardiovascular endurance & stamina, flexibility, speed & agility, coordination, balance and accuracy. General physical skills, that improve your performance as an individual.

Group daily strength and conditioning classes, both morning and evenings, at 7-8am and 7-8pm are a chance to get one-to-one guidance on the best exercises for you by the personal trainers at Barber's Gym.

If you need a little musical inspiration whilst exercising, and your not opposed to some old school disco jams, Disco Barre classes on Wednesdays 12-1pm and Friday 7-8pm will be right up your alley. Disco Barre combines solid core work, strength training, isometric holds and small but intense and sexy, choreographed moves that help you to achieve a sculpted, lean but strong body - fast.

The training options available suit differing goals and are determined by type of training, quantity, duration, programme design and cost. On the weekend, you can sweat it up with kettlebells and circuits classes at 12:30.

You can find a full list of classes here.

In the works, the Barber's Gym team are developing some training workshops for olympic weightlifting for bodyweight, alternative kettle bell classes, barbell and gymnastics so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

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