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Studio Spotlight: Hackney Downs Studio 202

“Natural light, clean lines and flow are the organising principles of this studio. It has been a dream to use this space over the past year, it’s stunning.” - Georgia Campbell, Founder of Miss Crofton

This newly refurbished studio is part of a collection of studios recently launched in a former Hangar space at Hackney Downs Studios. 202 was one of the first to be completed and has since been used by underwear entrepreneur, Georgia Campbell of Miss Crofton. For Georgia, using this space has been imperative to the elevation of her business over the past year:

“The studio has been multi-purpose, from creating and showcasing the pieces, to my knicker-making workshop that the Eat Work Art team helped me promote! (Featured in Time Out, Evening Standard and Metro). It’s enabled me to operate, make and sell all in one place.”

Miss Crofton

The versatility of the space makes it the perfect environment for a budding creative business or dynamic individual looking to make it their own. This studio is situated on a peaceful corridor and features bright airy skylights allowing light to flood the space. Eat Work Art has carefully considered the design and softened the industrial feel of the building with earthy colour palettes and high-quality finishes within the studio and communal areas.

Studio 202

Beyond the design notes and tasteful touches, the studio offers the opportunity to be a part of the wider Eat Work Art community, Georgia mentions:

“I love the community at Hackney Downs Studios and discovering new creative talent week-on-week. It’s great to connect with them on both a personal and professional level. I will miss it all very much.”

This studio neighbours the Theatre Studio development which has recently launched. If you would like to join for a preview of our newest offering at Hackney Downs Studios on 9th September, get in touch.

Miss Crofton

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