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Resident Spotlight Heidi Pridham

In a nutshell, what do you do?

HP: I'm a print designer, I work in textiles designing prints for the high street. I'm also starting a scarf brand called Heidi and Hallbery.

How did you get here?

HP: I've been working in textiles for about five years, it was two years ago that I decided to go freelance. It felt like a natural thing to do and I like having control over what I do.

A day in the life of Heidi?

HP: I get on my bike, head in, set up and start with lots of painting. Usually, I’ll spend a chunk of time researching whatever group I'm working on, but I usually create 7 or 8 prints for each group, which are then sold all over the world. It never gets old seeing your prints hung up on mannequins all around the high street.

Best thing about The Heartspace?

HP: Meeting loads of people who do all sorts of interesting things, whether that be a magazine, prop makers or jewellery designers. I'm relatively new, but everyone is so friendly and it's inspiring to be nosey and see how different people work.

What's it like being a freelancer in East London?

HP: It's brilliant, I love it. It gives you freedom, if you want to go and do something or see something, you can. You can step outside your door and the options are endless.

Would you recommend coworking?

HP: Yes, it makes me focus and get things done and it's much more affordable this way. I feel like I learn a lot from other people's disciplines, you naturally absorb and stay curious. It's really interesting to see the way people work. Lots of eavesdropping!

Coolest thing about your job?

HP: Seeing your prints in the shops is the best feeling, along with selling work to big designers. Recently Anna Sui, Calvin Klein and Victoria Secrets have bought from me.

What's coming up for you this year?

HP: Scarves. Get ready!

I’m setting up a new brand called Heidi and Hallbery with my boyfriend, who works at Mother London. We’ve just shot our first collection with our friend Benedict Morgan (Hackney Downs alumni), who has just worked on a Paul Smith campaign. He works with high-end brands, which is where we want to pitch ourselves. We’ll be launching in the next few weeks at heidiandhallbery.com so watch that space!

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