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Resident spotlight with 58 Gin

58 gin

You've worked on your bottle design with a fellow resident, how did that come together?

MM: I had the logo designed by Mo Coppoletta a tattoo artist at The Family Business. I need the rest of the label designed. I wanted to use someone in the studios as I like to support local people. I had just moved in and was given the welcome booklet. I went through the residents listing a looked at there websites. Tinder and Sparks appealed to me and they had already completed a bottle label for Kamm and Sons. I set up a meeting and the guys were fantastic! We are going to do 2 stages. 1st is the basic label which I am very happy with. 2nd is to tweak the label after feedback and product information. I cant wait to work with them again and would recommend them to anyone.

What is the biggest mistake people make when drinking gin?

MM: 2 classic mistakes!

Quality!!!! Cheep gin is made as a concentrate and is made in massive volumes. They are all about making money. Spend that little extra and it will be totally worth it.

Garnish. Lots of people will squeeze lemon or lime into the glass and drop it in. All you will taste then is….. Lemon or lime! The garnish is there to enhance the gin not destroy it! Peal some zest off and bend it over the glass and drop it in. Thats all you need.

How would you define a perfect gin cocktail?

MM: A perfect gin cocktail needs to be balanced. A quality gin, balanced with citrus or savoury depending on the gin botanicals.

My favourite is a dry martini with a lemon twist. 15ml of dry vermouth 50ml gin. Stirred over lots of ice, strained in to a frozen martini glass. Lemon twist.

If you could serve a drink to one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

MM: Thats always a hard one but the first person that came to mind was Hemingway.

He loved a drink and had many drinks made especially for him. “Death in the afternoon” “Hemingway” and many more. I think it would be great to make him a cocktail and listen to his stories.

What are you aspirations for 2015?

MM: 2015 is going to be an exciting year for 58. I hope to be busy enough to install a second still and possibly a third. I look forward to getting 58 Gin out to select bars, restaurants. Its going to be great to go into a bar and see my gin behind the bar. I plan to do distillery tours once fully up and running which will bring more people to HDS. Looking forward to the ride that 58 takes me on!!

What made you choose to take a space here at Hackney Downs Studios?

I looked at lots of places for the distillery and most were on pretty nasty industrial estates with no sole or community. I looked at a couple of studios else where but they didn’t feel right. When I found HDS it was perfect! Great community feel, all the facilities. Eg The Russet, reception, security. They is also access to so many talented residence that can help. I look forward to becoming part of the HDS community.

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