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Resident Collaboration - Spindle and Arthur Le Fol

After we noticed a resident collaboration between Spindle and Arthur Le Fol, we thought now was as good a time as any to sit down with Arthur to discuss this collaboration, his inspirations and relocating to Hackney Downs Studios from Paris.

What was your inspiration behind the shoot?

ALF: The inspiration behind the film was Heather Falconer really. She runs Spindle and has a very interesting view on the activities of it, plus she’s really fun, well she laughs at my jokes so I really went along and tried to embrace all that Spindle represents in her eyes.

When selecting the music for the film, was their a soundtrack in your mind while you were shooting that you then aligned with your edits, or was all imagined in post?

ALF: The music came later, but yeah there’s also a soundtrack in my head for everything. For this project though, I tried to edit without music to have a feel of the rushes and then created all the effects along with the great track by Swiss Lips.

You incorporated some shots that look quite gloomy, grey and local. What was your thought process behind these cuts?

ALF: The idea was really to show the spectrum of ideas which spreads through Spindle. Of course it’s fashion and glossy but it’s also many other things. Big Breakfast, Fun House they were all inspirations. But also everyday life, more local, more boring stuff and dogs, a lot of puppy loving!

Dance plays a massive part in Where is LE Film. What was your creative relationship like with Ramario Chevoy?

ALF: It was amazing to work with Ramario, what I really wanted was for him to feel comfortable, so I asked him to bring his music and let him dance like there was no one in the room. I just insisted on some moves that looked good on the camera but he really brought in all the soul of the film. He’s great!

You developed your name in France working with some incredible brands, how different has have you found working within the creative bubble of London?

ALF: Well I rediscovered the word creative for once. In Paris, except for a selected few, that word is synonymous with danger for clients. Here, it’s really valued, you can work for Barclays and they expect you to be creative, hell they even say the word, which is really new to me.

Other than that of course I miss the terraces and the friends but being in London feels like you’re surrounded with serious potential everywhere. Through Hackney Downs Studios and the PitchIt! project for example it also feels like I’m surrounded by likeminded people who want to change the way things are going, and that’s invaluable.

What future projects are you most excited about?

ALF: My own!! I have just finished a project for the Council in Hackney which was really nice and finally now I might get a minute to jump on all the ideas that sparkle through doing work for other people. Weird documentaries mainly.

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