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Eat Work Art SPOTLIGHT: Max Radford

The Radford Gallery shows contemporary makers, designers and artists with the aim to create an equal and supportive environment in which to develop and show the manifestation of the creative process.

Max Radford; born and based in London, studied Fine art at University and through a stint in the antiques trade has gratefully ended up working as an Interior Designer & Gallerist.

Eat Work Art supported Max Radford in his new series of shows; anchored in community, art, design and craft. The partnership stemmed from a shared interest in providing a platform to showcase grassroots and local design talent.

We caught up with Max to find out what led him to The Radford Gallery and what we have to look forward to.

Max Radford

It’s been exciting to curate a show with such an impressive mix of artists, designers & makers that I admire and respect, I am proud that we have been able to overcome the challenges and setbacks of the last year to get to a brick and mortar show. It’s brilliant that with the change in times, we can host an exhibition so that the public can finally experience the amazing work that the contributors have to show.”

Tell us about your journey here?

"I studied fine art at university and got a summer job in antiques where I got into the interesting side of designing reproductions. This led me into interior design; I was immediately inspired by how much my boss loved antiques in his world and wanted to explore my own interest in it. I have always loved 20th century design but got more and more into it the more I was exposed to it. I had a group of friends within London who were making and dealing in furniture – we were always looking to America and further afield for gallery shows. We looked at the history of UK design and realised people had done it but couldn’t understand why no one was doing honest furniture shows, and so started forming the concept ourselves."

Max Radford

Where do you draw inspiration when curating The Radford Gallery?

"Clever and Sustainable use of material through the lens of 20th century spatial design. For the previous show we used large rolls of dressmakers calico that were able to be reused, For this upcoming show we are looking at some textually unexpected reclaimed and rentable materials."

What's been your biggest moments and anything we can look forward to?

"Uncommon Found" ; The gallery's inaugural show was certainly a highlight of the year, it felt like a great achievement and was widely well received which is always reinforcing. I have also gone self employed recently which is now enabling me to focus more on the gallery and also allowed me to work with the artists & designers involved across Interior design projects. Coming up will be another large scale exhibition as well as some more solo and small group exhibitions."

Max Radford

What’s it like at Hackney Downs Studios?

"It's perfect really; All the staff are personable and helpful which is particularly great when you have awkward furniture crates coming and going. It's also vibrant and busy, you can feel that work is being done and people are enjoying themselves, that really contributes to the feeling of the place for me."

What can we expect from The Radford Gallery's next exhibition?

"A smaller group showcasing a handful of the Artists & Designers from the previous exhibition; working in a collective palette of materials."

Catch The Radford Gallery at 206a Netil House on 3rd December

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