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Coworking in the Heartspace

The Heartspace is a large shared coworking space on the top floor of Hackney Downs Studios. Through the lens of Heartspace resident and photographer Andy Donohoe, we sat down with a range of artists, designers and makers.

The Heartspace is a large shared studio featuring 38 individual mini-studios. Each independent artist or start-up has their own dedicated space alongside other makers, writers, photographers, painters, illustrators, costume designers, stylists, artists and other creative industries. There is a peculiar magic in the space which the artists both contribute to and benefit from - if only we could bottle it. We explored the labyrinth of mini studios, and met some of the talented individuals therein.

Shu Shome, writer:

The worst thing about being a writer is that it's so lonely. It's amazing to have your own space within a social space. There's always somebody making a cup of tea if you want a chat.

Natalie Ellner is a creature maker:

It's amazing to have creative support, unconventional colleagues who understand the life of a freelance artist, the highs and lows. When you're stuck, you can ask somebody who comes from a different angle, like a photographer or a painter. It's inspiring.

Print designer Melanie Moon:

Just do it. Jump. I think I always thought 'It has to be the right time', but then when is the right time? Life happens when you are not looking.

Ellie, Founder of Iris London:

Designing for a new collection, planning shoots, hand sewing bespoke orders, liaising with factory floor managing production, talking to buyers and press, sending out orders...keeps me busy!

Linda is a genius with paper:

With creative entrepreneurship, there is a responsibility to earn a living out of what you are doing. You will never really feel complete until you fulfil what you are doing.

Laure Gee is an artist and business owner:

I have to draw or create, if I don't, I'm unhappy.

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