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Christmas Countdown: Residents Spindle Mag interview Wolf and Moon

Courtesy of http://spindlemagazine.com [20th November 2014]

I had a chat with one of our neighbours at Hackney Downs Studios, handcrafted jewellery creators, Wolf and Moon.

Designer and founded of Wolf and Moon, Hannah Davies, has created a brand that is not only beautiful, but is oozing great ethics and a natural aesthetic that you don’t find very often. The pieces are handcrafted in their London studio and if you’re looking for non-cliché festival headgear then look no further.

So to start with, how did Hannah first start designing and making jewellery?

Back at college, two friends and I started selling second hand & vintage clothes on MySpace. At some point they gave up with it so I took over and began making some of my own pieces of jewellery to sell. I’ve always loved designing things, and really enjoy the making process so it felt like a natural progression. At university, I started selling at markets on the weekend which felt fantastic in comparison to waitressing… And it went from there!

There is a real natural feel to your designs but with a colourful twist in some of the pieces, what are Wolf and Moon’s main design inspirations?

It’s difficult to really pinpoint inspirations, but nature has a huge place in my heart. I used to love exploring the woods behind my house when I was younger and I regularly go on holidays which involve hiking in vast landscapes somewhere!

Otherwise, inspiration can hit me from all sorts of places – a design period or an exhibition or simply a place I’ve visited. I’ve always loved colour – I get very excited when I’ve sourced a new colour or texture, and I like to play with new colour palettes.

Everything is handcrafted and the materials you source are as local as possible, are these ethics important to the production process?

I think it is really important to the brand that everything is handcrafted as you don’t find much these days that is – especially that is affordable. Sourcing from the UK as much as possible is important to me as I think, as a small business myself, we should support other local businesses and not just go straight to China for everything!

Have you got a favourite piece at the moment?

I think the contrast rings are my favourite piece at the moment – I wear at least one every day and they’re so versatile and come in many colours! I like the D studs as well – combining metals with the Perspex is something I want to do more of.

You’ve taken your jewelry brand to a number of festivals over the summer this year, is a connection between your designs and music something you feel strongly about?

I’m not sure it’s necessarily about the music, but more about the attitude of festivals. It’s great that everyone dresses up and gets into the spirit of being carefree for the weekend. Secret Garden Party is my favourite every year as it’s more about having an incredible adventure with your friends!

Or is it perhaps to do with festival fashion accessories? Because, them headbands, they’re just like the cherry on the top of the festival cake aren’t they?

I wanted to make something that was really fun and a bit different to the usual festival headgear – I had a lot of fun designing and making them!

Are there any musicians or people that you would love to see wearing your designs?

Oh one day maybe I would be lucky enough to make something bespoke for Bjork..!

Would you ever do any collaborative work with other designers, artists or musicians?

I have actually just launched a new collection with another designer, Alfred & Wilde – check it out!

You were at The Fashion and Lifestyle Exhibition at Event City in Manchester a few weekends ago. How was that?

Well it was interesting experience – riot police turned up on the Sunday. I think it’s probably too much of a long story!!

Have you got anything planned for the brand in the near future? Are you going to be attending any markets to sell your products?

We will be at the Secret Emporium Christmas Event on 13/14th December. We are also a part of a pop up shop in Shoreditch from 13-16th December. We should have an exciting new collection out around February hopefully!

Words: Eliza Frost

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