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Bsix College Visit MSDA Architects

A group of art and design students from local Bsix College in Hackney came to have a look around. They visited MSDA architectural studio and resident art gallery A-side B-side to learn about creative careers.

Julien and his colleagues at MSDA design and architecture studio spoke about the importance of freedom in your work, especially whilst young and still studying. We were walked through the process of research, design, moulding, back and forth with the client, including working within limitations of regulations and heritage with listed buildings. The students saw photographs, digital sketches and 3d models as they discovered that this not a '9 to 5' job, all of the team are very dedicated and often working late.

One student asked whether the job is rewarding, Mikhail (MSDA) replied: 'The rewarding thing is that when you finish you have built something. You can walk past it in ten or fifteen years and say "I built that". You are creating something that is not there.'

Over at A-side B-side Gallery, Catherine Magnani told students about their Rap Art events, last time four hip hop artists (aged 16-25) performed amongst a sea of artwork by Draw Me a Song.

When asked whether she is passionate about her job, Catherine said: 'You have to be passionate about your job, it's not hugely financially rewarding. We bring in people who don't have a lot of money, we are a platform for their work." She talked about her own art, from performance art to installations including dioramas with bears and geometric shapes. 'It's about balancing your passion with being practical and making it work for you.'

The students were interested in a variety of practices, from architecture and interior design to video game development. We hope to welcome Bsix back soon and we're looking forward to seeing them hanging out at the cafe or the next exhibition at the gallery.

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