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3D Printing at the Russet

A truly unique and exciting collaboration is in the works at Hackney Downs Studios.

Our resident 3D wizards at Goosebumps Lab will soon be printing 3D objects in the cosy comfort of The Russet...

What is 3D printing?

Also known as additive manufacturing or stereo lithography, 3D printing certainly has a sci-fi mystery surrounding it. In layman's terms, 3D printing is the process of producing an object directly from a digital plan.

Industrial 3D printing has been around since the 80s, but only in the last 4 years have we seen desktop, affordable 3D printers emerging. 3D printing is here to stay, and becoming increasingly domestic and accessible.

Typical objects produced using a printer include toys, miniatures, gadgets, jewellery and phone accessories.

Why 3D printing?

We were surprised and thrilled to learn that 3D printing is in fact a very sustainable process; products are printed locally and so there is no need for shipping. What's more, with items being printed on a one off basis, not in large stocks, there is less wastage; it really is supply-meeting-demand..

At The Russet..?

The Russet prides itself in being a sustainable, ethical food establishment, using only organic produce. The Goosebumps Lab strive to print using natural, recyclable material, such as PLA plastic.

Soon the cafe will have a 3D printing catalogue, so you can browse the various items available. There will be a selection of toys, tidbits and accessories to choose from, of which you can customize the size and colour.

Next, as you order your food and drinks you will also be able to place your printing order, and as you sit in the cafe your gadget will be printed...before your very eyes!

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