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Eat Work Art SPOTLIGHT: Galactic Growth Studio

Introducing Galactic Growth Studio, a new content creation studio based at Alma Yard. A new concept in Plymouth and the first of its kind locally, the space provides an aesthetic-led backdrop to level up your content. A haven for visual storytellers, the studio is a perfect fit for influencers, editorial shoots & businesses looking for a thought out, design led studio to capture content in. 

We caught up with Kaya, founder of Galactic Growth to find out more about their new space. 

What was the inspiration behind creating Galactic Growth Studio?

I have a background in working in the film & video industry in London but currently work doing content for a division of AXA Health here in Devon. In my corporate work we are always looking for spaces to shoot our products and often end up hiring expensive AirBnbs or having to spend money styling photo studios, which isn’t ideal when we need a fast turnaround and just a handful of product shots or something for social. 

In terms of my own creative work, I was having similar struggles finding an aesthetic, private space to create social media content and update my portfolio. Living with three children and a fiancé that is often covered in mud (he’s a gardener) means our house is not aesthetic in the slightest and there is no way on earth I’m keeping up with the ‘everything minimalist and white’ trend.

Speaking with other creators and small business owners, there seemed to be a lack of spaces that catered specifically to this need and so whilst twiddling my thumbs on maternity leave, Galactic Growth Studio was born.

What attracted you to Alma Yard as the space to start the studio?

The studios at Alma Yard actually caught my eye a long time back, before this idea was really even a seed. I kept visualising myself working in a beautiful, airy studio space just like the one I’m in! 

Aside from how gorgeous the spaces are here, I really love the sense of community that is being fostered and I love feeling like I’m part of an amazing creative network. 

What types of content can be created in the studio, and how do you harness the distinctive features of space for content creation?

I’ve tried to set the studio up so that it caters mainly to lifestyle content, with stylish furniture and props and a little kitchenette for food styling. The focus has been on trying to make the studio homely, but also super adaptable and flexible. Pretty much everything in here can be moved around to create the vibe you’re after and also to make the most of the abundance of natural light. 

A lot of thought has also been put into the textures that can be found at the studio, from soft velvets and warm woods to the rough concrete floor. This provides a lot of organic backdrops for product styling.

Yoga teachers, photographers, interior designers and beauty product retailers have already expressed interest in using the studio, and I think this really highlights the versatility of the space.

The aesthetic of the space is beautiful, what was the inspiration behind the styling of the studio? 

The inspiration mostly stemmed from the space itself. I loved the bare bones of the space and the beautiful play of natural light in there and I wanted to highlight those features. 

There are lots of neutral tones but with a few pops of colour to make it warm and inviting. Again the idea here is that you can create a really diverse look by bringing your own colours into the space by way of accessories and props. 

Any tips or advice for businesses and creators looking to elevate their content?

Good lighting and good sound are everything. I think the quickest way to make a photo or video look amateur is with poor lighting and the quickest way to lose someone’s interest in a video is inaudible or distracting sound. 

Of course there are loads more things we can consider, but it’s amazing how getting those things right can elevate even the simplest content.

It’s one of the reasons I love the studio space so much, the natural light from the huge windows makes everything look magical without any effort! The South facing windows create wonderful light play and shadows and the North facing windows provide a nice even light all day.

Galactic Growth are currently offering 25% off for all bookings made in November. Book your studio time here.

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