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Eat Work Art SPOTLIGHT: Silver Roots

Silver Roots have been collectively growing and nurturing plants for over 25 years. Having started business remotely in lockdown, Silver Roots have now launched their first physical space at Alma Yard.

We took the opportunity to catch up with Bethan of Silver Roots to hear more about their journey up to this point, and what they’ve got in store for us in their exciting new house plant hub.

"We aren't just a shop, we are a community, we are teachers, students and friends."

Bethan portrait

First of all, can you give us a bit of an intro to yourself and the rest of the Silver Roots team?

Hi I'm Bethan, director of Silver Roots alongside Claire. We are avid plant collectors and best friends. We met randomly on a Facebook plant group and bonded over lock down, keeping each other virtual company and expressing our love of plants to each other.

It came to light that we had dreams of one day opening a plant shop, so we took the opportunity to do that over the lockdowns. The great thing about Silver Roots is that we are women-led and we passionately support each other.

We have worked from home via online sales for 2 years and are now ready to make the next exciting leap to a storefront. But we aren't just a shop, we are a community, we are teachers, students and friends. Our goal is to bring people together over their love of plants too, spread our plant knowledge & support the other amazing businesses here on the yard in any way we can.

Silver Roots store

How did you first catch the “plant bug”?

I first caught the plant bug when I was gifted a small fresh plant clipping from a friend. As I cared for it, researched into its needs and watched it grow bigger and stronger it sparked something inside of me.

I found myself adding more and more into my home and I fell in love not only with plants unique characteristics, but growing them. Especially from seed or a single node, I find it so rewarding.

How and when was Silver Roots first formulated?

Silver Roots was established in 2020 by a crazy bunch of plant ladies; Megan C, Megan E, Maggie, Caitlin, Rebecca, myself and Claire.

We all met in various different ways but came together to create a supportive, non-judgmental space for each other throughout lockdown with one thing in common - plants! And through all of our foliage an idea was born, created & still growing strong.

Silver Roots store 2

What are you hoping to achieve with your space at Alma Yard?

Now we have grown our roots to our first ever studio space here at Alma Yard! With this we hope to bring an educational hub, workshops and educational videos.

We will provide a real workshop space people can visit to see how plants are grown, packaged for shipment, cared for and of course, a place to purchase sustainable, homegrown, peat-free plants locally.

Interested in joining the Alma Yard community? Click here to view our available spaces.

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