Linda Toigo

After graduating in Architecture, Linda Toigo spent three years honing her skills, working as an urban planner in Milan. In 2009 she decided to change her scale of intervention and moved to London to study Graphic Design at London College of Communication.

There, she fed her curiosity for book design and book structures, a leitmotif that kept developing throughout the years. Soon after she discovered the controversial practice of creation through book destruction. Ever since then Toigo has approached alteration as a celebration of books, paying homage to their volumetric qualities and the cultural value inscribed within their pages. Her later works moved on from antique tomes to encompass a variety of non-literary publications, ranging from DIY manuals to fashion magazines. By doing so, she explores the destruction of printed matter whose functional value precedes its material quality.

This destructive act, performed with an arsenal of scalpel blades, fire, wire and paints, alters existing visual and written material, extracting it from its original context and endowing it with new meanings. What we are left with is an assemblage of layers adding dark, ironic and often surreal themes for the viewer to discover.

Her blades are also able to evoke stories from flat sheets of coloured cardboard, mounted together in experimental book structures that offer magical narratives inspired by fairy tales and gothic novels.