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Virtual Open Studios finale by Simone Salvatici

Virtual Open Studios is a video series celebrating creative talents across three sites: Hackney Downs Studios, Netil House and Old Paradise Yard

This special one-off composed piece by Simone Selvatici aims to offer a 30-min experiential Gong Bath from the comfort of your own home. We welcome you to tune in using:


Password: EWA2021

The sound will be streamed at the highest quality so use headphones or good quality speakers for a more immersive experience so you can join wherever you are.

Practicing deep listening, self relaxation, awareness of the body and activity of the mind, to free up of any negative attitude.

The healing effect of Gong Meditation is often profound: it can balance, restore, relax and re-energise. You will be able to enhance your awareness and deeply nourish your creativity.

Best ways to enjoy the video:

The sound will be streamed at the highest quality so use headphones or good quality speakers for a more immersive experience.

  • Close your eyes and lie in a comfortable position⁠
  • Limit any stimulation from the outside world and allow inward exploration⁠
  • Focus on the effect that the sound creates in your body and mind ⁠
  • Observe your breathing carefully ⁠
  • Let the sound take over your subconscious thoughts⁠

Instruments used in the piece:
Paiste 38' Planetary Earth Gong, Novation Peak polyphonic synthesizer, Moog mother 32 mono analogue synthesizer

Simone Selvatico

Simone aims to expand consciousness to a higher level, believing that holistic resonance and trance state has the capacity to combine the spiritual experience of contemplation with the ecstatic feelings of inner truth.

Passionate about blurring the boundaries between sound art and sound healing Simone has performed in venues such as Tate Modern, Sadler’s Well Theatre, RCA, CCA, Natural History Museum, Cafe Oto, as well as international festivals.

Simone facilitates weekly gong baths and private sessions at The Well Garden at Hackney Downs Studios.

The wellness hub is open for all Eat Work Art residents and wider community. They are offering virtual classes until further notice.

Instagram: @thewellgarden

If you're looking for a studio, check what's available here.


Videography - Sekou Abineri
Graphics - Sabenz

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