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The art of tattooing and the creative process with Emily Lynch Tattoo

Emily Lynch Tattoo is a private studio based at Alma Yard in Plymouth. With almost 10 years in the industry and a degree in illustration, we caught up with Emily to explore the creative process behind each piece and how she has designed her studio to support her work and clients. 

How do you approach the design process for a new tattoo?

My work is influenced by a culmination of many of the art styles I studied during my Illustration degree at Art’s University Plymouth, including expressive line art and pointillism which I then apply using skin as my medium.

How would you describe your personal style and artistic influences in your tattoo work?

Dotwork is my unique signature style derived from pointillism and involves creating each piece by strategically placing dots individually to build up light and dark tones and adding depth to my work. Tattooing is a craft passed down through generations and is influenced by many art movements, but each tattoo artists' own style and influences will be instantly recognisable within their work.

Are there any emerging trends in tattoo art that you’re excited about or currently exploring?

The most exciting emerging trend since I started working in the tattoo industry almost 10 years ago is the scope of what is available to clients looking for a unique piece of artwork. Tattooing has come a long way from picking a design off a wall and tattoo artists are actively encouraged to create pieces of art rather than those classic designs.

This has created a shift in how people view tattoos overall and many clients have now become “art collectors” which is a very positive thing to see as tattooing is finally starting to be appreciated as an art form in its own right.

I have designed my studio at Alma Yard to be a creative workspace that allows clients to come in and feel safe and welcomed in a calming environment. There seems to still be some stigma in people expecting tattoo studios to be intimidating but I have worked hard to break down these barriers and create an inspiring, accepting space where people can come and have a positive experience.

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