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Return To The Studio

For so many, working at home was a huge readjustment as the pandemic changed what the workspace means. It’s no secret that many people may feel unsure ahead of their return to work. We spoke with our Community Managers at Eat Work Art about ways in which you can best prepare:

  1. Re-format

Offering something a little different will bring the team back with some excitement. Design has the power to become a conduit for positive change and studio owners have an opportunity to consider a closer connection to the conveniences of working from home. Spatial consideration to ensure everyone feels that they have a comfortable amount of space is key, whilst considering space for virtual meetings too. The re-invention of the physical workspace can emphasise the similarities between wfh and studio, rather than amplify the differences!

  1. Pre-book meetings

One of the biggest priorities and best practices to reconnect, is to have physical meetings with your team. It’s much easier to come back into work knowing you have meetings to look forward to and can ease the interactions in stage by stage. If they are in the calendar, people can prepare ahead of time and know who to expect on arrival.

  1. Make yourself and your team aware of the new office rules

The government has allowed businesses and venues to make their own rules with regards to social distancing and capacity within your studio. Make sure you are informed of the new rules your workspace has implemented to ensure the safety of its staff. If you are a business leader, take the time to familiarise yourself with the guidelines and let your team know. It’s important everyone has the space to talk about their concerns and can discuss how the transition can be made easier for them.

  1. Flexibility

The hybrid model and use of the workspace seems favorable and helps focus decisions amongst employees with different preferences. The physical workplace has the ability to become an embodiment of what the business needs it for, rather than just offering desks that may or may not be needed. The workspace should enhance communication between employees and offer a place away from home to foster creativity and productivity for the business.

  1. Prioritise Wellness

Consider mental health and wellness as one of the key priorities when going back to work. To boost productivity and avoid burnout, make sure you’re making use of any onsite facilities and signposting to other team members.

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