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Resident Resolutions: 2023

As we kick-off the New Year, many of us use this time to set our goals and intentions for the months to come.

We took this opportunity to catch up with key members of the community across Eat Work Art sites to hear their professional and personal 2023 ambitions.


Spazio Leone

"I don’t like to go too heavy with New Year's resolutions, but I do think the start of every year is a time to look back, take stock, then look ahead to think about how you can grow and build on that.

The past few years have been incredibly formative for me in terms of interrogating and understanding furniture and objects at a really close, intimate level. For 2023 I want to pan out and really broaden that focus to the whole picture.

That means thinking more about contexts – the spaces in which these objects sit and are displayed, and the creative environments in which they are created. There are some gloomy projections for the year ahead, and 2023 might be set to be tough in some ways, but for me this just means a focus on quality and design that lasts is more important than ever. (I like that Vivienne Westwood quote: “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last”).

I was lucky to spend some time in New York at the end of last year, and it really brought home that this is an era of great new designers. New York has these vast, incredible showrooms and studios, really beautiful historic spaces in some cases, and there is a brilliant energy; a lot of collaboration, overlap, and a lot of support for emerging designers. For 2023 I want to be part of fostering this in London too, by helping champion and showcase new talent." - Gennaro Leone, Founder

jason bruges

Jason Bruges Studio

"Happy New Year from Jason Bruges Studio!

I’m really looking forward to an exciting 12 months ahead. From transforming eddies of air into permeable sculptures to manifesting digital ecosystems, we’ll be pushing boundaries and expanding the practice into new territories.

I’m also taking part in a mammoth 1,438km cycle relay to MIPIM in Cannes so fine tuning my physical fitness as well!" - Jason Bruges, Founder & Creative Director

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Ann Chang

Good Soup Studio

"I guess I’d say year 2022 was the year of Ipad. Most of my creations and designs are done digitally and it honestly made tattooing so much easier because I could change things up quickly and save all the previous versions.

I hope that year 2023 will be year of paint, canvases and pencils. Bring back what I used to do and just simply find joy in creating for fun again. And of course, remember to be grateful for the little things in life and the fact that I spend my time creating, doing something I enjoy as my career." - Ann Chang, Founder

Lewis Munro

Lewis Munro

"Mine is to smile more, worry less and not take time with family and friends for granted. Nothing lasts forever.

I'm embracing new challenges and will be embarking in the Lemosho route trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro in February to help raise money and awareness for Suicide&co." - Lewis Munro, Stylist and Consultant

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XK Studio

"I think a professional and personal goal of mine would be not so much of an ambition but more of a general reminder to myself to take time to enjoy the process!

I feel like we all work towards deadlines, goals, big milestones etc that we forget to take a moment to enjoy the ride. Sometimes the little achievements and discoveries along the way can count just as much as the lovely polished finished product that you spend so much time pouring over.

Although I'm not working on the design aspect of things at the studio, maybe a tie-in would be our strong focus on R&D when working on new projects. Sometimes our team design some awesome stuff for client work that does not make it into the finished film but still is super beautiful." - Yanika Chauhan, Producer



"2023 is the one. Shooting around the world, working with more Netil House clients, there’s lots to look forward to and we’re here for it. Main goal is to buy one of those robot vacuums!" - Maxime de Sadeleer, Director


HAMA Pottery

"Step towards our new beginning in this country. Zeroing the mindset and opening up to new perspectives to nurture our pottery collection, a challenging yet essential step along our creative journey. Rethink the substance of our identity as Hong Kong-ers and embrace it into our design." - Crystal Cheung, Co-Founder


Designed by Alice

"If the last few years have felt MAJOR and reactionary I’ve decided to start this year of more holistically and instead of focusing on projects and goals, I am turning attention to my own, and by extension my own businesses, versatility/wellbeing.

I'll be making more time to be curious; learn, move more and make space for play. Reminding myself that whilst these things aren’t so obviously contributing to my brand in a quantifiable way… they’ll increase space for both inspiration and resilience for whatever this year throws at us. I am looking forward to seeing what shoots!" - Alice Williamson, Founder

Alex Morris

Alex Morris

"I'd like to work more in TV and Film. I've had a few of those projects now and I really want to get stuck into a big one this year. I'd also like to work on adding other disciplines to my practice. I really love comics and would love to attend a convention, perhaps selling prints and commissions.

Finally, I'd like to continue doing a bit more teaching. I find it so rewarding working with students and it also helps me develop my practice. When you teach something, you learn even more about it!" - Alex Morris, Founder

Blue Nude

Blue Nude

"We’re keeping the curiosity alive - learning new creative skills and embracing more collaborations and partnerships.

It’s all about experimenting with confidence and an open mind!"


Amber Scott-Worthington

“I would like to invest the same energy that I give to others and my work, to myself. I hope that this is the year of Self-Love.

I will allow myself more time to explore work that fuels my creative interests, time to dig my film camera out and finish my pottery course.” - Amber Scott-Worthington, Community Lead at Eat Work Art

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