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How to create the perfect photography studio

Finding the perfect location to set-up your photo studio can be challenging, but once you’ve found the perfect space it can provide you with the ideal setting to grow your business. Having a photography studio of your own frees up your imagination from home settings and allows you to stand out from the competition.

Eat Work Art offers you flexibility and a range of workspace solutions to ensure you can find a space to reflect your identity. Photo studios aren’t limited to those with excess space or a home environment to create work, you can find a location to deliver the best results.

Eat Work Art is home to well-known photography professionals, including: Wolf & Badger Studios, Indra Studios, Clash Studio, The Railway Studio by Rebecca Westcott and more, if you’re looking for photo studios for hire.

Photography studio

There are 5 key things to consider when choosing a space:

  1. Location

It’s important you look for a studio space that’s convenient for your clients and colleagues. The location needs to work for you and have easy access for equipment and visitors. Photo studios in East-London are particularly popular, as there is a large creative community in the area. Our sites offer 24 hr access and a concierge service to support residents and ambitious businesses. Our sites are closely located to transport links, for your clients convenience.

  1. Canvas

Are you looking for a blank canvas or something with a little more character? There are many available studios that might fit the bill across all 3 sites in London. Many of the spaces are open to development and welcome all those who would like to produce high end creative content. Some of our studios also have built-in infinity walls and kitchens, if you would like to include a larger client area to cater for and accommodate.

  1. Space

Studios come in lots of different shapes and sizes, it’s important you consider what sort of photography you are looking to accommodate. Eat Work Art recommends you allow 100 sq. ft. per employee and at least 150 sq. ft. for the subject area. You may also consider desk space and work area if you plan to edit and produce from the studio. Some of the studios conveniently feature break-out rooms, ideal for retouching and post production work.

  1. Light sources

Most studios prefer using their own artificial light sources, but studios with skylights might be the perfect solution if you’d like the choice! We provide 3 phase power to accommodate a wide range of equipment, whether it’s incandescent, fluorescent, LED or studio strobe - our team is on hand to advise and get you set-up.

  1. Facilities

If you are working with like-minded creatives and industry people, you might want to consider the communal areas available, including good bathrooms and kitchen facilities if necessary. Eat Work Art provides high-quality facilities across all sites, open for use of residents and their guests. Our fully-serviced reception areas can help direct clients and visitors to your studio.

To browse our available spaces suitable for photography studios, here.

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