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How to create the perfect music studio

Whether you’re looking to create your own music, find a recording studios or a place to work from to increase your presence, finding a music studio to rent can seem difficult at first. There are many benefits of having a music studio as its own separate environment, for creativity and production quality.

Eat Work Art offers a range of solutions so you can create a music studio, allowing many different artists, producers and makers to create a space that works for them. Music studios used to be limited to people with lots of money or access to excess space, however, these days you need a few key pieces of equipment and some extra desk space.

Our notable residents who have occupied recording studios in London, include: Noatune Studios, Sheridan Tongue, Honne, Subtle FM, DJ Yoda who have created environments that allow them flexibility and an inspiring place to work from.

Eat Work Art Studios are also used as work environments for music industry professionals, including: Clash Magazine, SubBass Academy of Electronic Music, Moshi Moshi, End of the Road, Sub Pop, City Slang, Stone Throw Records and more.

There are 5 key things to consider when choosing a space:

Noatune Studios

  1. Sound Proofing

Using careful engineering and design techniques, sound-proofing can be achieved to enable you to work to your fullest potential with little to no disruption. Some of the techniques used can also help to amplify the sound quality with the room to deliver the best results. Eat Work Art provides a selection of studios with no windows and fixtures to make sound proofing even easier.

  1. Workstation

It’s important to consider the size and breadth of your workstation to ensure that it facilitates enough space for your recording studio technology (with a little room to grow into as you expand). You can create room for your equipment with fixtures, shelves and storage to keep the deskspace uncluttered.

  1. Room configuration

Most music studios are compact for music quality purposes. When looking for a music studio, most consider spaces with little/no natural light to ensure there are no distractions for the artist. The blank canvas spaces can be transformed to meet the needs of the occupant. Most spaces come with annexed sections to provide extra room and there is also encouragement to take up further space in the building if you outgrow the current space.

  1. Inspiration

You need to enter the space with a willingness to create. Eat Work Art encourages residents to make the space their own using art, decoration, crafts and plants to reflect the occupant.

  1. Instruments

Check that the music studio has all the power-points and amenities to accommodate any necessary instruments and tools for the space. Eat Work Art offers versatile spaces to create the most productive music environment, from 3 phase power to the possibility to install additional soundproofing and cater to the specific requirements.

To browse our available music studios for rent, please see here.

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