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Eat Work Art SPOTLIGHT: RichCraft Furniture

Established in 2018, Richard Evans set up RichCraft Furniture as a way of unlocking his desire to design and make handmade furniture. His goals were to simplify furniture without compromising on his aesthetic values of clean lines, functionality and playfulness.

In our latest resident interview, Richard talks through some of his proudest career moments and how (with a little help from Alma Yard) he made the decision to move from London to Plymouth.

Rich Craft

First of all, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your practice/craft?

"Hi, I’m Richard Evans, creator of RichCraft Furniture, a bespoke furniture design and manufacturing studio. We specialise in creating bespoke free-standing furniture pieces for residential and business clients.

I came into Furniture Design and Making after studying 3D Design at University in 2010. I moved back to London in 2017 to change my career and set up my own business. To do this, I used a community-based wood and metal workshop - Blackhorse Workshop. Over the years confidence grew and the business developed enough, allowing me to think about moving back to the coast. Discovering Alma Yard made that decision a bit easier."

RichCraft at work in his studio

How has the past year been for you? Anything you're particularly proud of?

"Despite the pandemic and all its disruption, I was fortunate enough to be in a business where people with more time on their hands and spending more time at home, were deciding to invest in creating that heirloom piece of furniture or bespoke home office set-up. As a result I was, fortunately, kept quite busy in 2021!

Highlights in 2021 included designing some bar furniture for Kraft Brewery in the Kingsland Locke Hotel. At the end of the year, I was delighted to work with New Wave London on the new Aesop Store on Northcote Road, Clapham. Alongside moving into my own workshop space at Alma Yard."

Locke Hotel

What can we look forward to from Rich Craft?

"Moving into Alma Yard in September 2021 has opened up several opportunities which include the use of my own workshop space to develop and utilise. In the second half of 2022, I look forward to launching a new venture called The Weld Space which will host a range of creative short courses that will allow the public to learn metalworking skills in a fun and creative way.

I am hopefully working with the Plymouth City Council to provide some sessions to Plymouth's youth who might be looking for the next steps in life. I am excited about this venture and the opportunities this move presents as it will allow me to diversify my offering and establish a more local presence."

A close up of RichCraft working gloves

How long have you lived in Plymouth? Do you have any favourite spots/recommendations?

"I am actually from London originally and first visited Plymouth to study at University. After graduating from University in 2013, I ended up staying and working until 2017. By then, I had itchy feet and wanted to move back to London and stayed for 4years building up RichCraft.

Like many, the pandemic allowed me to look at things differently. As I like the coast and wasn't bothered about living in a big city, why not move? Plymouth was familiar territory and discovering Alma Yard helped make that decision.

I think Plymouth is on the up and quite undiscovered. The Waterfront, Plymouth Sound and Hoe are a must for any visitors."

What's it like for you at Alma Yard?

"Alma Yard continues to grow and develop every week. My studio has the most amazing natural light and is a nice space, I’m looking forward to utilising it in the summer months.

Having my own workshop space is a bit of a learning curve and utilising it to its full potential is important so the space will develop over time. Ultimately, Alma Yard is a positive development for Plymouth, and I’m sure it will be a great visitor attraction in the future."

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