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Eat Work Art In Residence: Creative Advice from Home | Wellness

Introducing Eat Work Art In Residence: Creative Advice from Home with useful practices and advice from London’s leading creatives.

It helps to focus on the things you can control and ensure you are taking time for your wellbeing as we all adjust to the new normal, including our sleep hygiene and daily routines. Maintaining good health, exercising and incorporating regular bedtimes during the week will help give you the best chance of feeling rested and happy.

Bess Shipside, Yoga Practitioner at The Well Garden notes:

“In this full spectrum of lockdown, some of us may find ourselves with more time and financial constraints. There are many things we can do from home to aid the psychological and emotional impact of the pandemic. Offering yourself a snippet of time to reconnect and rest is essential.

Even 10 minutes in a day dedicated to yourself can make a difference to how the rest of your time flows. How we act and respond to our own body can help us navigate strong emotions such as anxiety, fear or grief.”

Serotonin is our natural antidote to stress, if you are unable to take a walk or run, you can get creative with a home workout. Simple stretching and checking in with how your body feels can be enough to keep your energy flowing. It might be a time to try different practices, including yoga, pilates and active relaxation and you will see the real benefits when you practice them regularly.

Ariadne Kapsali, Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher at The Well Garden shares her advice on simple yoga practices during times of change and uncertainty.

  1. Prepare and Schedule

Pick a space in your home for your mat - make the space feel as calming and relaxing as you can. Ensure you schedule it on your day like an appointment, that way you’re more likely to include it is as part of your routine.

  1. Practice With Someone Else

If you have a companion during isolation, try and do it with them, it makes it more fun and you’re more likely to stick with it. If not, it’s worth trying to find an online live class that you can do as part of a group.

  1. Remove The Pressure

Always start with 5 minutes and see how you feel when you start moving. It’s likely you’ll feel great and want to keep going!

  1. Have Fun

Yoga connects yourself with your body and that’s the key element to it. Explore how your body feels, you’ll remember how great it makes you feel and you’ll naturally want to do it again.

  1. End With Silence

Release all your body's efforts, allow your muscles to completely relax and your mind absorb the practice and how you feel for at least a minute at the end of your session.

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