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EAT SEE HEAR (staying in)

Bringing you recommendations from London’s leading creatives, to enjoy in the comfort of your home!
We stand by you all during this time and want to help you maximise staying in.

Kristoffer Rylander, Founder and Owner of Noatune, recording and music production studios based at Netil House.

Eat ⁠🍽

The Bread Station, London Fields

- Danish bakery offering quality rustic bread, spreads, nice sandwiches, good coffee. You can get their bread and store cupboard essentials delivered to your home!

See 👀

Lady Bird (film) on Netflix.

Great “grounded film” about a young woman wanting to pursue a creative career and working in the arts despite resistance from her family

Hear 👂

We recently had the pleasure to have Irish hip hop artist BIIG PIIG at Noatune to record a live version of a new track called “Roses And Gold - Acoustic”

It came out great, take a listen!

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