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Old Paradise Yard


Outpost studio formed through a shared passion of exploring the role of making in design. Their design approach is hands-on; testing ideas, materials and their assembly through physical models, prototypes and full-scale mock ups. They work across disciplines to encompass product design, interior design and architecture in one studio, applying the same thought and consideration that goes into designing architecture to that of interiors and products at the 1:1 scale.

Outpost's ambition is to make objects and spaces that are thoughtful and well-crafted offering our clients creative yet simple solutions. To achieve this, they collaborate with an extensive range of craftsmen who share their passion for combining traditional crafts with bespoke modern detailing.

Since its inception, the studio is now a team of 5, and has developed a growing portfolio of private commissions within the residential and commercial sectors as well as pursuing their own self-initiated projects.


Outpost team
Lyndhurst model
Fujilamp by Outpost