Old Paradise Yard

Why Old Paradise Yard? New Resident Video

As resident sculptor Tim Hollins says, Waterloo is now one of the 'creative hubs of London', and Old Paradise Yard is at its core. So, we sent Jan Vrhovnik to capture on film what the residents think is the essence of paradise!

Check out the video below to find out which resident said that Old Paradise Yard 'has reinvigorated my zest', that there's 'a great buzz around the place' and that 'working at the Old Paradise Yard [is] a wonderful experience'.

If you feel like you could do with your zest being reinvigorated, head down to the i'klectik Art-Lab and cafe for some of SE1's best food - you might even see some of these faces buzzing around...


Why Old Paradise Yard? from EatWorkArt on Vimeo.


28th October, 2015

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