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CODING in GE: Lia Mice + OTACO live at IKLECTIK

Lia Mice and OTACO are opening the first night of a month long series of events at IKLECTIK called </coding in GE>; featuring the research and impact of pioneers, working in experimental electronic music, new technologies, digital culture with a sociopolitical and environmental focus. 

Lia Mice’s live sets incorporate custom designed instruments and live voice sampling, bringing new dimensions to the analog sampler live set. Her live set at </CODING IN GE> will feature her rack mounted Samper Time Machine and new instrument The One-Handed Violin.

Naming herself after the tako – that is, octopus – bar she runs in Sapporo, capital of Japan’s northernmost main island Hokkaido, electronic musician and singer OTACO is one of the most vibrant new artists and performers to emerge from the city’s alternative music scene.

1st November, 2018

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