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Adeline and Marie-Isabel | Resident Spotlight

With an architect grandfather, and a photographer and painter as a father, Adeline and Marie- Isabel (aka Cooky) were 'soaked with creativity from the start', and the influences are apparent in how the sisters' life and work has unfolded. As kids the sisters kicked off their creative careers with a greeting card 'business'. More recently, the artists have  exhibited their individual work together, and continue to inspire each other creatively...

Adeline de Monseignat is infatuated with the uncanny. Having first delved into the topic when studying Language and Culture at UCL, the idea has since 'incubated [her] mind'; 

'I'm interested in making the familiar strange and exploring new ways to challenge our perceptions through known materials in unexplored ways.'

Creaptures are Adeline's creature-sculptures which perfectly embody the uncanny. 'More than an idea, they are simply a natural progression of my work which gradually started to have a life of their own... they were conceived in my brain and born in my hands'.

As a designer, Cooky completed her studies at AA (Architectural Association). She went on to work at Acme Design for 3 years, and to teach at Chelsea College of Art Spatial and Interior Design alongside partner Vikrant Tike.

'I admire Cooky's vision and professionalism. She is thorough, meticulous and has timeless aesthetics, which I've always looked up to.'

Moving into Old Paradise Yard just a few months ago, the space already feels like home. 'We needed a larger space, ground floor and had just left our old studio which was around the corner so we knew this area very well. We absolutely love it here!'

For the sisters, who lived together for 9 years, sharing a workspace was a natural progression, as they work on their own projects and bounce off each other's creativity, absorbing one another's interests and aesthetics. 

Outside the studio, Cooky is helping Adeline with the structural and interior design her apartment, with bigger plans in the pipeline to design a future live/work space.

Adeline will be hosting her solo show 'Home' at the Ronchini Gallery, opening 13 November until 17 January. Cooky continues to lecture and teach at the AA with Naiara Vegara. Watch this space to find out what the siblings do next at Old Paradise Yard..!



22nd October, 2014

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